Calcbot is a cute, but useful tool, especially designed to work for any iPhone or iPad that you own. It is available from the App store for a mere dollar. But before we go to the features, let’s first take a glance on the company that is responsible for the application.

Tapbots: A Brief History

Tapbots primarily consists of a couple of buddies, which is simply named Paul and Mark. Paul acts as the programmer for the applications while Mark was the interface designer. What started out as a fun idea just then became a concept: little robots with different functionalities. Then, Tapbots was born.

Calcbot’s brothers

Prior to the release of the Calcbot, the duo already had projects released for the Apple software. The first love child was Weightbot, a weight tracker with a simple interface and easy operation. It was then followed with the development of Pastebot, which is based on Paul’s original design for a pasteboard manager; and the Convertbot, a unit converter with the same simple interface as the first ones. They are generally designed as robots so the tasks you operate with them can prove to be fun.

The Calcbot

Calcbot is basically a multi function calculator with a lot of add-ins. It especially designed with the iPad and iPhone in mind. Although the functionalities still cannot be compared to the very much celebrated scientific calculator, Calcbot adds the fun and the convenience of a robot calculator fused with your phone. But still, functions such as sines and cosines, and degree to radian conversions, with other scientific functions are present.

One of the perks that this application has is your ability to send out the calculations that you have just made by e-mail. Just imagine: you have math homework. And you, by a very uneventful and inevitable circumstance, can’t come in to the class. With this tool you can do the calculations, save it in a file, and send the email directly to your professor or instructor. We all know that we can’t just mail the answers alone, don’t we?

Another great thing about the Calcbot is the history tape. Mostly, a normal calculator doesn’t have this, so every time you make a calculation, you will be at quite a loss when someone calls you. Here, a history is being logged at the side of the screen. So you can leave your precious calculation to talk to someone, and then get back to it with the exact information on your calculation thread by glancing to the tape. This history tape, too, can be sent via email.

The other good thing about this is support. Should you get lost or confused by the interface, or a bug just zips through your way, you can tap on the info button and click on support to see if your issue is in the frequently asked question list.

Technology today is astounding, and people today are smarter. To go with the flow of time, it is really a great thing that there are nice applications such as this to help us with our daily tasks.