Apple TV Platform

It was announced few years ago, that Apple is designing new STB, mainly for online access to multimedia content. When it was finally done, it was named Applet TV, and it could be integrated in TV, or be purchased separately as STB (set-top box). Chances are you have never seen one – mainly because it never reached the success of iPhone for example. It was not cheap, and the content available was not that much.

Now the winds have changed, iTunes is full of music, there are thousands of freely available streaming services, some paid movie and show streaming services. If that is your goal, you can live totally without cable TV, as some researchers say more than 25% of cable TV shows are now available online, and most of the movies ever produced are too. The not so successful Apple TV may get a revamp, making it a widely available, and not so expensive piece of technology, and with the wide array of content found online, this may be the next iPhone.

iOS on TV?

iOS is the operational system of the iPhone, iPad and iPod brands – this should ring a bell. Apps written  for it are in most cases available for all platforms, and the new iOS 4 is very well optimized for playing multimedia content, including streamed one. This, combined with the stability and good looks of the iOS makes it very good candidate for new Apple TV brand device (or maybe iTV would be more appropriate).

As the TV OS is expected to be fully compatible with mobile versions of it, this also suggests applications available on Apple store will also work on your TV if you use Apple TV set-top box. Cool, right?  Also, multimedia experience is expected to be flawless, as with the new iPhone 4, and if the rise of available online content continues, it may very well replace your cable TV STB in the near future.

There are also rumors that the new STB will only cost 97$, and will be  with the size of iPhone – neat, as you can put it wherever you want, and get connected.

If you have not already reached to another conclusion here it is – gaming will also be possible. iOS  has been gaining huge popularity as a gaming OS, with tens of thousands of games (including 3D ones) available for purchase. And if Apple TV is combined with motion game controller – well, in the future you may be able to ditch that old gaming console sitting next to the TV too. Great possibilities exist, but only time will tell what will happen with this great idea – Apple TV STB with iOS.