It’s time to explore the latest edition of LibreOffice, an office package for the open source community.

You might be familiar with package which is essentially used on an open source platform. Quite similar to, there is another software program named LibreOffice. Document Foundation, the makers behind LibreOffice has launched LibreOffice 3.5 which is actually based on the code of The open source developers have engineered the program with a fresh document writer which can identify your grammar and spelling mistakes. If required, you can do a word count as well. And you can even design professional documents right away by giving a page break between every page. In addition, you can create a workbook of up to ten thousand sheets. You can also secure your workbook with a password. Moreover, a built-in import filter has been added which can be used to import drawings made in Microsoft Visio.

However, the entire package is finished on the basis of a 15-year code. Caolán McNamara, Co-founder of Document Foundation said, “We had two options: a conservative strategy, which would immediately please all users, leaving the code basically unchanged, and our more aggressive feature development and code renovation path, which has created some stability problems in the short term but is rapidly leading to a completely new and substantially improved free office suite.” All in all, you may expect better stability with LibreOffice 3.5 as compared to because of the modified code. So, what are you waiting for! Download LibreOffice 3.5 now.