Internet Explorer is the web browser known by many people who use Internet in their day to day life. There are others who use other browsers such as Fire fox, Opera, Netscape etc but the majority of the general people use only Internet Explorer. It is the most targeted web browser in the internet world because of many reasons. However, if any one goes into its technical specifications, its features, compatibility etc then they should accept that Internet Explorer lacks some aspects and Microsoft can create better browsers than Internet Explorer. First let us see what lacks in Internet explorer then we can have a look at how can Microsoft create better browsers.

What lacks in Internet explorer?

The latest IE lacks tab buttons such as back tab, address bar etc. Though they seem to be minute, such buttons actually help the programmers in determining the problems while working on them. They can easily detect what went wrong and what worked properly. There are also many issues pertaining to security and performance when multiple tabs get open at once. With out such tool bar buttons Internet Explorer can not become a real world’s top and modern browser.

The latest internet explorer also lacks the support for windows XP, which is the finest and oldest operating system. However, it is outdated. So users who want to explore all the features of the latest IE need to upgrade their operating system to Windows 7. This may not be considered as a serious problem associated with the Internet Explorer.

Can Microsoft make better browsers?

Microsoft can certainly build better browsers than other vendors however there are certain aspects it is lacking. Its approach towards making web browsers is it wants to build a stable and consistent platform. This can certainly be fulfilled with the help of web developers. Though their role is only part of the story they are significant. But Microsoft’s approach while building such browsers doesn’t involve web developers. As a result we can see many sub versions within each version of the IE. For example IE 8, IE 8.1, IE 8.2, IE 8.3 etc.

Such follow up versions need lot of support heads and the users are forced to upgrade their web browsers as and when Microsoft releases a new one. Sometimes it fails to provide the updates timely and the lack of updates is another part of the reason that Microsoft’s web browsers role in the web market is declining.

The target of the web browsers is not defined by the vendors where as they are defined according to the W3C standards. Microsoft’s importance to platform’s approach also will not work in future especially to its browsers. It should understand and accept the fact that there are other web browsers for example the latest version of Opera leads the latest version of IE. If Microsoft wants to regain the most compliant and stable position that it had once then surely it has to rely on end users but just not on developers.