Cannon Faxphone L80 – a small business solution:

For any small office, the FAXPHONE® L80 provides an efficient way to run your business through having the performance of a laser fax machine and a printer. With an added convenience of a handset, the machine could also be used as a telephone. FAXPHONE® L80 is a space saving solution for small business which can be used as a desktop printer, and its state-of-the-art fax capabilities provide you with a six page-per-minute laser printer, doubling as a printer and a fax machine. It is high time for a small business to upgrade into a better performing machine providing both the features instead of holding on to a printer and a fax machine separately.

When you compare your single fax machine to the features of FAXPHONE® L80, you will find that this multi-task machine, along with its printing and faxing features and a 30-sheet Automatic Document Feeder, Super G3 facsimile technology and large fax memory, surpasses your single fax machine hands down. The FAXPHONE® L80 is a space saver and provides printing and faxing facilities having a quality laser output for both printed faxes and documents.

The features:

Cannon FAXPHONE® L80 lets you efficiently manage faxing operation with features like, polling, delayed sending, and reception restriction. The reception restriction feature blocks all the junk faxes coming in, there-by saving your paper usage and wastage of toner. FAXPHONE® L80 provides the help of directory search by which you can easily look up and dial the correct number with the help of the stored numbers in the memory. You have the facility to dial with the help of speed dial, coded dials or registered groups.

Once you start to use this Cannon FAXPHONE® L80 printer along with all the features it offers, you will never know how you could have carried on so long without one such machine. You can send and receive faxes from this machine, you could also scan your documents into your computer and you could use FAXPHONE® L80 as a high grade printer. You can ofcourse connect this machine to your network and use it as a network printer. FAXPHONE® L80 saves your money against the investment you make to purchase the machine.

FAXPHONE® L80 has a thirty page document feeder located at the bottom surface of the machine. This document feeder feeds documents to your printer for faxing and printing purposes. The printing speed of FAXPHONE® L80 is around three seconds per page at top speed and it is G3 compatible.

As a copier fax machine, the FAXPHONE® L80 holds 100 sheets of blank paper which makes sure that you would not be running out of papers very soon. It prints documents at 600 by 600 dots per inch, providing you with six quality pages of document prints per minute for legal or A4 size papers.

The printer operates on Windows operating system from version 98 to the recent ones, and also connects to your computer via open Universal Serial Bus (USB) port. Cannon FAXPHONE® L80 with all its features remains as one of the most useful solution for any small business.