Canon, the wizard in the field of cameras and camcorders, has launched yet another gizmo, Canon Powershot SX120. Canon, right from its inception made it a point to fulfil the expectations of a customer and has rightly done so. Every product of Canon had its limelight in one time or other and Powershot SX120 is no exception.

The target audience of Canon Powershot SX120 are those who are in need of an affordable compact camera. The camera is placed at the nominal price of $250. The camera when loaded with the battery and the media weighs 10.4 ounces. Some people may feel difficult to carry it though. The camera comes with a 10 Mega Pixel camera. So, one can expect the clarity of the picture to be spot on. Do you wonder what the zoom capacity of the Canon Powershot SX120 is? Well, It comes in whopping 10X zoom. This bulk gizmo fits in perfectly in the pouch but not in the jean though. The plastic cover or the body is improved a lot and the whole gadget looks sturdy. A opening is provided at the bottom that takes in the SDHC card. One may think will this eat up the four AA powered batteries but you are wrong. Canon Powershot SX120 comes in with only 2 AA powered batteries, which through its power efficiency does not lead to any wastage of the battery. However, the battery life is short for the SX120 and one needs to carry the rechargeable NiMH batteries as a backup in case the normal hung’s up.

The LCD screen is 3 inch wide and comes up with little or the regular Canon buttons. The camera has the face detection, display and menu buttons placed near the LCD screen. The Func/Set button is surrounded by a wheel and has top, bottom, left, and right pressure points for ISO sensitivity, focus (manual, normal, and macro), flash, and timer. The sensitivity of the wheel is kept high and this results in a problem when the camera is set in the special scene mode as it is always gets activated when one tries to change the scene or when modifying the exposure compensation.

Now the users can take their favourite moments under any light for that matter. The camera can handle any light setting as the user has to just traverse between the Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Tungsten, Fluorescent, Fluorescent H, Custom options for a perfect shot. The Canon Powershot SX120 comes in with legacy shooting modes like Portrait, Landscape, Night Snapshot, Indoor, and Kids & Pets. The SX120 is powered by the DIGIC 4 chip. The chip has proven its capability in many Canon cameras to work better in the low light and to provide excellent image quality and colour reproduction. The lens is retractable but still protrudes out. If you are a person who hates learning new menu system in the cams then the best choice for you is the Canon cameras. Canon Powershot SX120 comes up with the little or no change in the menu system. That’s why the SX120 is quite easy to handle and use. In short the new Canon Powershot SX120 is worth the penny!