Long days of trial are finally over between the SCO lawsuits against the Linux. The Judge between the legal match with Novell defied the request of the SCO to open a new trial and ironed an April jury judgment that resolute Novell, not SCO, is the soulful proprietor of the copyrights of UNIX.

SCO reason out that it is entitled that the decision of the judgment as a composition of the law because the finding of fact can not be only rooted upon the overpowering evidence and information as well as the law. But the respected Court doesn’t agree with such argument.

The version of facts that the Novell party presented was more believable on the perception of the jury. This verdict is best uplifted by the information and evidence held upon the court. There was enough and significant evidence that Novell created a deliberate decision to bear on the ownership of the copyrights; hence, SCO has no capacity to let their request of opening a new trail to be granted.

The Memorandum Decision and Order absolutely settled the problem that lingers on the walls of the court for seven years. The presiding judge had noticed that Daryl McBride acknowledge that SCO did not need the copyrights. This statement made by McBride probably pushed the jury into getting confused as if they heard a man speak a language that is incomprehensible. But, they were not; instead, they rejected the statement of the witnesses of the SCO due to several numbers of reasons such as their deficiency in the involvement in drafting the APA. The mere fact that there was only few testimonies that really digs in the discussions that has something to do with the actual transfer of copyrights from the Novell to SCO, most of the witnesses just have an ulterior financial motive in the litigation instead of fighting for the copyright itself.

We can’t predict what will happen to the future of the SCO stock but it will surely affect them for good. It might be that their stock rate right now is just worth a dime or probably nothing at all. They might not remain in the industry that they where born and developed. They will have to attend a press release regarding what their current standing.

The world of bankruptcy is just one notch away from the place where the SCO is standing. It is not in anyone’s hand to predict the fate of such group but there are things that can be closely attached to the reality of going down the creek and we can be able to see these things waiting for the SCO. It seems early to tell because we really don’t know anything beyond the public knowledge of what is really inside the system of SCO.

It is best learned in this scenario, that in court you can’t just fabricate facts to easily to get your way out because the eyes that surrounds the court is more keen than you would have been expecting. There are things that go beyond our capacity.