As communication is important in today’s modern world, Skype has been the source of most countries about their internet based communication.

Communication helps increase the business market flowing to almost all of the countries in the world. Another focus of communication is our lifestyles. And as countries that has growing economy, they are well aware of Skype applications and has been partnering with them for over the years, including mainland China.

Chinese people, especially on the authorities, are very particular to their rules and regulations regarding censorship of languages and other certain keywords. This has been emphasized well by the Chinese Officials upon or between agreements. And Skype is of no exemption with these rules and regulations.


Just recently, reports have stated that there has been a problem with regards to the communication between TOM-Skype and TOM Online.

Reports clearly stated that there was a gap between communications. The TOM online is secretly checking on to the TOM-Skype in China.

What is TOM Online?

TOM Online, a Company in China, is a mobile internet communication company that offers technically about internet services and mobile services. other services includes wireless internet connections and internet advertising.

This is one of the major holders of communication in China and is responsible to operate on special Chinese languages.


Reports stated about the TOM Online was spying the TOM-Skype and been blocking words in chat messages.

But Skype President Josh Silverman had stated that it was just their (TOM Online)  job to do the blocking of words if they think it somehow disobey the rules of censorship that has been implemented. Chinese officials have been monitoring in and out messages running through over the years for the sake of their censorship law.

In addition, it was just a normal response of TOM Online to defend Chinese Officials’ rules and regulations – it is a law they must follow.

With the censorship over a business contract, there is always a reason to do things which represents the following of agreements.

Many companies who have gone partnering China knew how important their censorship law is to them. They would do everything just to protect its tradition and privacy as a country. Many business transactions have been into trouble regarding censorship issues in the country, but still they ended up following them for China’s sake.

Failure to follow such agreement would really mean an end of contract to Chinese officials.


Skype President is now doing the best he can to help organize the said issue between their company in China and with TOM online.

He stated about clarifying the protocol and understanding more the agreements between the two interacting communication companies.

With regards to TOM Online, the Skype is now doing also their best to protect the censorship and privacy of the country by doing the best they can.