The International Consumer Electronics Show which is held in the Las Vegas, Nevada in USA is well known as CES. This year’s CES was held in last week between 6 to 8 January. Many electronics companies revile there new products software in this year’s CES. Parrot, which is France based wireless equipment manufacture also launches its new media consol in CES. Last time Parrot introduces the device which is controlled a helicopter with using iPhone sensors and accelerometer. This time company launches its new media consol calls Asteroid which is made for the car.

Asteroid is run on Android operating system. Asteroid is use for playing the music in car via Internet or from iPod, MP3 or with the USB key. It also provides the facility of Geo-location which is also called as Traffic and Maps information service. Company says that it will be available in US market from the second quarter of this year. It will be available at retail outlets, automobile manufactures and also at independent installers who installs this consol in the Car. Company also says that sooner it will be available at Europe also. Parrot claims that this is the first in-car music system consol that can able to download apps from the internet which is supports to the Android operating system because of it has equipped with Android.

The interference of the console is user friendly so with only touching the knob user can zooms up the desire location that is available in Parrot maps. It feels like operator use the touch screen phone instated of car radio consol. Many Android apps can enhance the use of consol as they can customize with the user needs. Because of the ability of downloading Android apps it can access many online music services like Spotify in US but in Europe it is not decided yet, which music service Asteroid consol will use. One more interesting feature consol have is Voice Activation, by using of this feature user can control the consol without touching it such as changing the song, playing desire song, scroll down the playlist and accessing different Menus etc.

The Asteroid console also supports the BlueTooth feature. By using BlueTooth user can pair the cell phone with the stereo and can answer the calls while driving with the use of voice activated commands. User of Asteroid can also update the phonebook of device by using BlueTooth. Company says that it will cost nearly the same as normal radio consol is. But official prizes of Asteroid yet to be declared.