Chinese government issued a 31 page long statement on the Internet in the start of June when many of the websites from around the world were censored in the country. With 384 million Internet users in China, the restrictions were coming up as huge to the Internet market. The country tried to restrict all the possible websites that contain information against the interests of the ruling communist party.

Google’s verdict

Officials from Google certainly came up with their perspective. They were of the point of view that though the ban and restrictions was because of the government based privacies. The ban is justified at the government level but tends to disturb the international trade opportunities. The restrictions tend to violate all the rules and regulations by the World Trade Organization. In addition, many of the multinational businesses are doing business in the online world. They have been restricted in the country restricting access to them and the commercial activities.

There have been efforts from the European as well as American governments in order to lift the ban and smooth the ties between Google and China but this didn’t serve profitable in any way and the restriction as well as the statements on it were responded well by Chinese officials.

China’s Response

China came up with a very crude response to the statement released by Google. The paper released said that the Internet administration of China is not dealing for trade interests or trade policies. The Internet administration is making domestic policies according to the rules and regulations. The WTO has no concern in this regard as it is not an organization that is dealing with internal issues of any country. The statement was given by the WTO research center at Beijing’s University of International Business and Economics.

The statement was also consisting of the fact that China was not discriminating any local and international companies and both of them were given equal royalty. They have equal opportunities in the country therefore WTO is not being violated with this restriction.

Any information that is against the interest of the country as well as that violates the integrity and status of the country need to be shut down immediately. China has the right to restrict any such information that is against the interests, as well as ethical issues such as pornography and terrorism. No country around the world is completely free from Internet restrictions.

Google’s Response and aftermath

The company is coming up with changes in the region. after the search engine services being restricted in the country, the search engine that was entitled to China has been moved to Hong Kong and all request have been rerouted to Hong Kong instead of China. Google still has an office in Beijing but it seems pretty difficult for them to get their license renewed by officials. They even find it difficult to continue business in China. Google is still offering the non restricted services like Google Maps to China and the future to such services is not decided as yet.