Google has been in the forefront of various developments on the internet over the years. The search engine revolution saw Google overcome the other major companies to be one of the strongest players as far as the various searches are concerned. Even in many of the other kinds of businesses, Google has been in the forefront. The search engine and the advertisements complement each other very well and they have created a unique position where you will be able to advertise as well as make money for the advertisements that Google displays on your site.

As Google came very close to a wall in China over the censorship issue, it has blown over with both sides making concessions. Google continues to reroute all the traffic from mainland China through the Hong Kong site and this is done with a double click that needs to be done by the user. On the other hand, the Chinese government is happy that Google was not allowed to get away with their direct rerouting of searches and services through the Hong Kong site.

Top100 And Google

In this scenario, one of the major players in China’s musical download sites, Top, which is the site of Orca Digital, told that they had a sudden dip in the number of visitors who are using the site. This has not been a real cause of alarm, but the company does not want to take any chances. On the other hand, Google has upped its stake in this company that has around 7 million to 8 million people who use the streaming and downloading services of the company.

The company has earned many of the advertisements from Google and one interesting aspect of the company is that it is a free digital site that allows downloading free of cost and the company is paid by the advertisements that are on the site. The advertisements are unique and so the income is also high for the company. In spite of the various benefits that Top 100 has got from Google, the company is now in the process of looking beyond Google. The company is planning to expand the sales people who are on its rolls and this is being planned with the help of Intel.

Top100 Looks For Options

The company is also looking for more developers who will be able to create various applications that will help the company to be able to overcome the diversification in the market. The company now has rights only to allow download of the music in China, but in the future, the company may be trying to use this facility to various other countries.

The main reason behind many of these changes was the decision of Google to stop the censor of the search results in China. The company Orca Digital is now looking to use other partnerships within and out of China to strengthen and grow because Google is now rerouting all searches through its site that is in Hong Kong which may prove unpredictable. As time flies, the company may be forced to forge new partnerships to keep its growth on track in spite of the spat between Google and the Chinese government authorities.