Chrome web browser is rising up the hike in order to secure a better market position and it has been noticed that the browser has taken up a share of 7.2% rising from 7.0% back in May this year. The 0.2% change within a month is an excellent achievement. In addition to that, the Chrome 6 has been launched recently with a few additions and a few subtractions altogether accounting for the minor change that has come in the way your browser responds.

In software development, engineers come to a state where they have nothing to add really in the pipeline so they move on to add new fun technology just to make sure that whatever they have come up with actually runs well in the market. Such a state is called the code freeze and that has happened to Chrome’s Sixth milestone. Google wishes to bring the Chrome up on the chart of browsers by adding quality features that attract people and make the performance faster compared to other competitions in the market.

Features are placed in one edition of the browser and are removed in the next. Google is like a metro station that keeps launching the Chrome train quite often to stay in the business so that you need not to worry it you missed one feature in an edition. You will most definitely get it in the next one as Chrome 7 is in the development phase now.

What made it to the Chrome 6

There are a number of features that did make it to the Chrome 6 train. These include:

  • Extension sync: You can synchronize the extensions from your browser on one machine to the browser on the other just to make sure that you have the same experience.
  • Bug Fix: Bug Fixes have been focused quite a bit in order to make sure that you have the proper display as you want with no issues in the interface that you are working with.
  • Menu Button: There is a consolidated menu button that has set a collective menu of the tools and page buttons on the interface of the browser.
  • Synchronization: Through this feature, you can easily synchronize the browsed data and get that transferred from one browser to another.
  • Background image re-sampling: The feature helps in the fast processing of your page when resizing images on the websites.

What features missed the Chrome 6

There were a number of features that were expected to come packaged with Chrome 6 but they have been retained to be released with Chrome 7 one of which is the ability to put the tabs on the side bar instead of the top bar of your browser. You will be able to use the vertical bar in the next level of the browser. The support for full screen HTML5 videos has been moved on to the next level. HTML5 is the next level of the Markup language and allows the video to be integrated in the page itself instead of relying on plug-ins to play videos such as Adobe Flash, Apple Quicktime and Microsoft Silverlight.

The long awaited Native Client that allows programs to download from the internet run securely on the computer with added security is not added into the browser as the company is facing issues with the Mac OS X with respect to the feature. There are a number of other features as well that were expected to be a part of Chrome 6 but there is no point of losing hope as one can expect the next version to have many of them.