The latest release by Apple has been the most recent version of the Web browser Safari 5 which happened this week. There are many new trends and features that have been released as part of this version. Some of these features have become controversial too. Though, the SVP for marketing the product worldwide for Apple Phil Schiller claimed that the Safari was the best browser available till date. It may not be currently the best but after a test was done to check if the claim was true, the result was outstanding. The browser was compared to two other very futuristic browsers, the Mac OS X and the Windows 7.

Components of the tests

Some of the components of the test of excellence between these browsers included the JavaScript of these browsers and also the other methods. The latest versions of each of these browsers were used to reduce the bias between the browsers. Each of these browsers were run on various platforms that made these compatible including the Mac Operating system on a 3 Ghz and 10GB RAM with a 8-core Mac for the Opera. The tests were also run in the IF8 as well as a IF9 version that is still in the development stage.

Basic tests between browsers

The basic tests showed that the Javascript performance of each of these browsers were very close to each other in performance. In fact the Safari 5 was very fast compared to the previous version Safari 4. The Safari 5 was only 3 percent quicker when it was compared to the chrome 5.0. It was also two times faster than the other browser, the Firefox that is in the version 3.6. The claims of Safari seem to be true as far as this platform is concerned, where the FireFox was the laggard.

Benchmark tests on Java Script platform

On the other hand, if the various other benchmarks of the JavaScript platform are considered, the Safari browser did not match them in performance. There were various tests that these browsers were put through on the JavaScript platform including the Dromaeo tests, V8 benchmarks and the Fying images demo. Each of the browsers fared differently in these tests and though the Safari 5 was not far behind, it was not the best as the claim was made by the company when the Safari 5 was released just a week ago. There still seemed to be some miles to get ahead for Apple and their Safari platform before they can claim that they are the best.

The conclusion

After running all these tests, it was concluded that though the browser Safari 5 is quite fast as compared to the Safari4. Also, there are a lot of methods that the company can use to improve the performance, especially when the various aspects of the JavaScript performance are concerned. This is true to a large extent when the Safari 5 is compared to the various other browsers that have been released by the other companies. There has been a lot of competition between these various browsers including the ones that have been released by Google, Microsoft and the other companies. This intense competition and the race to be the best browser have not only helped the technology to rapidly improve, it has offered the clients a lot of choice and is also helping them in the long run by providing amazing platforms for excellence in performance.