There has been quite a lot of hype surrounding the launch of the Chrome OS Tablet. The entire technology community has been looking for the roll out of this innovative and highly promising tablet PC from the most successful company in the IT sector presently. However the bad news is that the company is probably not very enthusiastic about the release. The rumors on various social networking sites and other sources give an impression that the launch may be scrapped or at least delayed. The recent failure of the Nexus one phone in meeting the anticipated profit has also beleaguered the faith of consumers in Google. Though the launch is still on cards there is likelihood that it can be delayed.

We by now are acquainted with the fact that Google doesn’t feel like to launch Nexus Two Smartphones due to its’ not so good sales. In reveling news Eric Schmidt from Google has established that it is probable the much sought after tablet PC Chrome would not be presented by Google. He further added that similar to the Android phones, the performance of the allies will decide how well the sales go by. He further added that the company would not get into the picture to support the sales as it did for the Google Nexus one gadget. The Google Chromium Operating System development is all set and going fine. The Open source is already present for the download.

As per the top Google official Schmidt, the rumored Chrome OS tablet is quite unlikely. Earlier the online sales of the Google Nexus phone were also discontinued. There were no anticipated sales and thus the company had to virtually stop its’ web store, Nexus sales. However, as per the Google VP of engineering Andy Rubin there were success factors also included. He said “With every innovation, some parts worked better than others.”

In all equality a Google Chrome OS tablet is dissimilar to the Nexus One. Nothing like Android, Chrome OS is preordained to be practically invisible: a modest doorway to the Internet via an uncomplicated browser. This has been a source of vulnerability for the IT giant and the huge clientele seems to be disappointed with the news. There are still hopes that the new tablet PC may be introduced in the last quarter of the year. There is no doubt that the IT giant Google has established itself as one of the most innovative and successful companies which excels in all its endeavors and there had been no speculation whatsoever till the nexus episode, in the minds of people regarding any Google product or application. In the past decades, this organization has re-invented itself time and again with providing seamlessly efficient services to the wide global clientele. People look forward to each and every product being presented by Google with great hope and faith and there is hope that the Chrome OS comes out soon.