Computer users all over the world are quite familiar with the Google Chrome, a cross platform web browser which was developed by Google. Along with the beta tag the version was first released in September 2nd, 2008 especially supporting the Microsoft Windows. This particular operating system was designed using the concept of Ubuntu Linux Distribution. According to the company’s Vice President Mr. Sundar Pichai it has concentrated in developing the latest Google Chrome hardware device which will be available in the market shortly.

Basic character of chrome

The most important feature of the Google Chrome is that it essentially uses the custom user interface. The operating system mainly concentrates on the browsing technique. However, with the emergence of the latest Google Chrome 5 versions the tradition character changes a lot. The Chrome 5 does not use the so called beta label like its previous versions. Moreover, this edition is supported by Linux, Mac OS X, and all versions of windows OS. The exclusive features of this operation system make it a perfect choice for the netbooks.

Competing with other tablet devices

Since the company highly focuses on the netbooks market, the most vital question piping in the minds of people is whether the Chrome operating system will successfully compete with the various tablet devices available in the market. As for example, the Andriod Tablet Prototypes suggests that the phone operating system provided by Google is not up to the mark in regard to the larger tablet form. The suggestion is given by the Andriod despite of the fact, that the company itself has many faults while developing the tablet devices. In this case, the best thing done by Google is to encourage the hardware constructors to use the operation system of Chrome instead using that of the Android for the said devices. To materialize this aim the company and its co partners are working hard in this matter. They have started working jointly on the platforms of Tegrs 2 support and on ARM.

Challenges to be faced by Google

To introduce a successful browser oriented operating system the company has to walk still a long way. Moreover, there are some challenges which are to be faced and resolved. One such challenge is the “Application Discoverability”. This is perhaps the biggest of all issues. The company is planning to set up store for helping the computer users for Web based application. This planning has been recently declared in the I/O conference of Google. The store will aim in providing assistance by offering people the details of purchasing different web software. The perfect integration of this store with that of Chrome OS, will help the users in installing the web application launchers in the new tab.

Some vital features of Chrome OS

  • The operating system supports printing over the internet with the help of the sophisticated feature Cloud Printing.
  • The company will now be able to compete with the Microsoft through this advanced OS.
  • It will be freely available like that of other Linux operating systems.
  • The free availability will facilitate the hardware developers to escape the cost of licensing.

The Google Chrome OS device will surely open a new horizon in the world of hardware market.