Google Chrome released its latest version a few days back, on occasion of its 6th centenary. The new Version 6, although not into the markets as yet, can be checked out on the developer’s preview channel on Linux, Mac and Windows. Although regular users might not recognize the big change, this is a huge milestone for the Google developers as they have neared completion to the targeted specifications for Google 5.0. It can now look up to releasing the geolocation support along with the other 5th version features as the research team is now focused on the new version. Chrome 5 can be considered as the first ever steady release made by Mac OS X along with Linux.

Chrome Version 6.0

The latest version is all what clients usually look out for in their best browser versions. The new launch is all about speed and better enhanced features. All of us like to have everything provided to us instantly. Waiting with patience for the page to load is surely something that users hate, and that is what Google has tried to exploit. As the speed increases, they are sure to get more clients and the product is sure to be an instant hit too!

With its new addition called “predictive pre-connections”, Google Chrome is now as fast as ever. It actually starts to think even before you tell it to. It can now predict as you do certain actions to your web browser. But if you are not exactly bombarding your browser with exaggerating multiple pages, you probably will not even notice anything different. They also fixed a few bugs that have been found from the 5th release of Google Chrome, such as removing the “http://” to the web address. This seemed like a pretty solid change in browsers, but people seem to be having trouble when copying the address from the browser. Now, as you will not see the “http://”; copying it would append the “http://” at the beginning of your address.

Set back

Although Chrome is on its 6th version, has anyone really noticed a substantial change from its 4th version? There is really not much to be ecstatic about, nor is there really much to look forward to as of the moment. Chrome is fast, because it is minimal. Comparing it to the other web browsers, they still have a lot to work on. With their version being up to six, most common users are still left with limited usage but fast enough surfing speed. They are innovating new ways to make surfing much more faster, but they are missing out on using plug-ins that has been created long before they have even thought of joining the competition.

Chrome Future

Growth in terms of age is fast, but is it maturing as fast as we’re expecting? Google Chrome’s development cycle is fast. At best, at least we know they are improving, and that they are making their user base to be involved every step of the way. It may be a little on the slow side, but it’s always good to be in the know of things.