Cisco is a big name in providing business communication solutions all over the world. With its quality products, it is possible to have a better communication experience. To add more quality to its services, Cisco has launched a new 12-inch touch screen video conference device with sensitive cameras to capture all the crucial moments. With its touch screen it is possible to control your communication in a very effective way. Cisco has also launched a device which is Media Experience Engine (MXE) 3500. With its smart and new age technology, it is now possible for you to share all your video content. You can train all your work force with its advanced technology. With its crystal audio and video quality, it is possible for you to stay in touch with your friends, relatives and colleagues.

Because it is very easy to use, it is possible to reduce your communication cost at a lower level of 90%. You will be able to produce your own training sessions for your workforce according to your need. It is now cost effective for you to get the job done at a less cost. Large companies are now upgrading their audio and video conferencing services with larger and high definition screens. Cisco has also revealed that it has launched a large screen video device to cater big companies. With it, it is possible to have video conference with six people at a time.