As one of the largest networking company of the market, Cisco claims that they have a superiority in all fields of their investments like networking, electronics and communications technology and services. Cisco Chairman and CEO John Chambers expressed his opinion about the current market in this way. He promulgated the fact very clearly and makes a clear vision for the other competitors to run after the pace of Cisco. In a speech at Cisco Partner Summit Chambers thanks the stockholders and partners. Along with this he urged the present employees to work hard to contain the top position for ever.

The journey of Cisco was started 26 years earlier with a vision to change the networking system. The married couple Len Bosack and Sandy Lerner accompanied by Richard Troiano was the founder of Cisco. They introduced multi protocol router software as their first product. After that they gradually succeeded in their business in a buffeting manner. They spread their business root to many other sectors with several products. They offered networking device and solutions, management networking, Interface and module, optical networking, wireless and VOIP network, datacenter etc. “Cisco always concentrates on better products and quality service”, said John Chambers. Today Cisco is a big name in all arenas. In this decade Cisco acquired 140 companies for spreading its service and product range. They mainly acquired networking, mobile software, gateways and digital video and right management service providers. Cisco runs their business in a way to hold the whole market not only with products, but also service and attention.

Cisco president claimed the supremacy of Cisco over many other companies for their benchmark credit rating. “We are not frightened of any competition or financial challenge. We are always ready to accept those in a sporty manner.” Chambers said. He emphasized on the consumer branding of Cisco mainly with the recent brand Valet wireless products could place Cisco in the top notch of the market. He hopes for user attention and feedback in the current Cisco branding for its innovative styles and useful applications. He expects this attention could drive Cisco’s run more accelerated. Cisco’s recent concern lies mainly on technology design. In Chambers’ word Cisco maintains ‘perfectness’ in all types of delivery, which he claims as the most prolific virtue of Cisco. Cisco wants to add more accuracy in its plans and execution in near future where users will be benefited by their speed, scale and flexibility.

Cisco also plans to add more adjacencies in the coming years. Speed, scale, flexibility and replication are the hallmarks of the growth strategy, he said.  Cisco is concerned with monetary terms as well around the market. “Each time we move, we move with the transitions in mind,” Chambers said.

Chambers pointed out some of featured rival of Cisco in the market like HP, but he ensures an entertaining race in business concern. With a total asset of $68 billion still looks into the market to acquire more companies for spreading its service. They really want jump from $36 billion revenue (2009) to the maximum. Thus the journey of Cisco is endless and it’s quite distinctive.