At the Citrix meet of virtualization, networking and cloud computing, there was an announcement of the latest Citrix Xen Server being released and now available. This comes to the buyer with additional features for the product line and has a better enterprise ready cloud proven virtualization platform. It has within it all the potential capabilities that are needed in order to go ahead and make and facilitate a virtual infrastructure and all of this at a part of the original cost.

The main features of the new XenServer are:

It is able to add a multiple amount of new features and designs to be able to get rid of the challenges that are faced by IT administrators in the virtual environments.
The XenServer increases the working of the existing enterprise features and extends the host memory, CPU, network and operating system support. It provides various features for enterprises and manages full enterprise class virtualization on several servers and at no cost initially. These enhancements to be found in the XenServer go on to ensure that there is a greater amount of flexibility and top notch performance for server, could and desktop workloads.

The XenServer has all of it in the free edition which has a dynamic memory control and high accessibility along with several other advanced reporting and alerting functions found within it.
There are several new and enhanced capabilities to be found in the new XenServer which has a completely automated workload balancing act, host power management, advanced storage integration and the live memory snapshots and role based administration. It has the capability of adding new features to the already existing platform. This is a great help as it enables the customers to get best performance at a far less amount of power consumption. It also ensures that they are aware of the in depth access rules and roles that are needed for the management of the virtualization infrastructure.

The XenServer is able to deliver automation services that will help the administrators to expedite the delivery of the IT services that are the crux of business turnaround time. The new site recovery application uses the latest technology to ensure the most automated way to recover data outage and this is done by a single console. This single portal ensures that the employees are able to quickly and in the shortest time possible get to the IT resources that they need. This allows them to formulate a new working environment and use the existing virtual environment for on demand documentation.

The market price for the XenServer which is going to be available from May 28, is $1000 per server, or only $30 per month for cloud service providers. There are the Enterprise and Platinum Editions at $2500 and $500 per server.