Google is one of the widest network sources of information and communication. With the influenced of the modern world today, Google know how to approach their growing range of consumers or users.

But just recently, a new report coming from a Consumer Watchdog stated that there was a complete breaking of privacy laws from the Google Company. The statement was addressed to the Committee on Energy and Commerce.

Committee on Energy and Commerce is responsible for the entire telecommunications marketer’s issue, consumer’s protection of all sorts, supply and process of energy and to others not specified. With this, the Consumer Watchdog has advised the latter to tighten its privacy implementation and must conduct a solution regarding the action taken by the Google Company.

It was clearly reported that the Google Company has been engaging into data mining.

What is data mining?

Data mining is a process that involves reading and analyzing the flow of data that can be used as a good information source. It also involves uncovering large patterns of data to serve as sample information.

This type of data analyzation is usually used in profiling methods like surveillance, scientific discoveries and a good tool to aid for increase revenue.


As what the Consumer Watchdog stated, it was listed in the White House log a consecutive days of meetings together with some United States security officials and Google representatives.

In connection with this, an analysis has been formulated regarding Google having a secret affairs or contract to the United States government.

It has been said that the Google is giving the United States government some private data regarding residential and business information. With this, the Google Company is clearly violating the privacy law for their consumers or users.

For the consumers, it will be a very risky part on them when that private information given will not be properly used. Given that it is the matter of privacy which is at stake.

But the Google Company defended and said that the collection of those data is for their running program regarding the street view. They still have some problems to correct with and they need as much information to aid them with the program. They have to make another collection of packet data to improve their street view program, thus, the use of data mining is of great help for them.

But regardless with the reason behind, privacy is privacy – nothing more, nothing less.

Although Consumer Watchdog claims that there is something beyond about what is really happening and that the Google itself has a very main reason with regards to this behavior, still they can’t do something with it until the Committee on Energy and Commerce will took over the responsibility and investigate. Furthermore, it is their duty and responsibility that is involved in the current issue. They might want to check the behind actions of the said accusations and make the involved officials reason out for those suspected and recorded meetings.