Acer announced the launch of a software that would easily connect all your multi media interface and as Acer says “Life is busy, Acer makes it easy”, surely it will make life easy for a multi media enthusiast.

For any media lover, the dream task is to sync all his multi media content to his hard disk and even connect all his multi media devices to a single interface, that to by not troubling oneself a lot. But the ability to sync and share stuff is not an easy task, as imagined. And one needs extensive software to sync and share everything. Acer now unveiled its, which a software aimed at solving the above such problems. On the same lines the company also launched the console fitted with software and named it Revo. Revo Multimedia Center, RevoPad wireless remote, RevoView High Definition Media Player, Revo Server were the devices included in the Revo Console. eliminates the middle men like the wires and converters, and one can easily access all the digital entertainment electronics from one place.

It can be seen that is only the minor part of the whole solution, but it’s the software rather than the hardware that really tweaks in the syncing and sharing capability. The console also comes with a whopping four terabytes of hard disk and that too in double quantity. Thus is only a major part of this even bigger console.

The Acer Revo and is termed as the All in One multi media interface, which offers a complete theater like experience to al the Acer users. The devices in the console are wirelessly connected thanks to the sleek and powerful RevoPad. This remote is slick and is QWERTY keyboard based, with backlit which is touch sensitive. The users can use the remote as a whole and sole keyboard to even browse through internet on the connected television. The console provides the user with high end cutting technology with High Definition ready picture quality. Also the content sharing is enabled on the console. Thus the user can anytime connect their camera or mobile to share their music, videos and photos on the internet.

The matte black finish RevoView provides the High Definition media to the user, where in the data is stored in its 2 huge 4 tera byte hard disks. The device can easily be connected to the television and also the connection to the woofer and the speakers is a child’s job. With a more than user friendly interface, the remote is very much handy. The player supports a huge range of media formats and can play media from many storage devices also like, media storage cards like MicroSD, MemoryBar, USBs, HDDs, Optical disks, and even UPnP mass storage devices. Also the content on the above devices can be directly shared on to their Acer Laptop or Desktop. The console boasts of 1080i picture quality and also a HDMI port.

Syncing and Sharing of content so easily has only made the life of an Acer user more simplified. And Revo Console fitted with sure will be selling like hot cakes.