This Click to Call is an advertising service which is provided by Skype that will be effectively helpful in getting more customers with the usage of Skype in order to drive the inbound calls. All this is available with the support of a leading advertising company, Marchex Inc which will help in managing, operating and selling this Click & Call Advertising with Skype.

How this service actually works:

There are many numbers displayed on Web such as on the websites, advertisements on the banners, search results, directory lists and many more. So if there are any interested customers, then they can directly talk to the advertisers through their computer just by clicking a button. The advertisers who have availed this Click to Call service, their numbers will be highlighted with a blue free call button across the Internet where the telephone numbers are displayed but that will be displayed only when the Skype user has enabled the facility of highlighting the phone number. When the button is clicked, the software of Skype launches and connects the call. User has this facility free of charge as the payment is actually done by the advertiser.

But the advertisers only pay on the pay for call basis for the approved inbound calls that means for the completed phone calls. These call volumes records are maintained by Marchex. This company allows the advertisers to access the complete record of the calls and the results from their campaign. The user who has installed the Skype service on his PC can only avail this facility. This service is presently not available on Mac or the mobile versions of Skype software. One good thing about Skype is that it does not share any personal information of the user with the advertiser or Marchex. Only standard call metrics are shared keeping a consistent privacy.

Benefits of this service to advertisers and users:

This Click to Call is a very helpful tool for the advertisers who want to acquire more and efficient business by driving these calls and Skype is known to have a large base of its users for online calling. So they have this opportunity by using Skype and the users are also happy as they can contact the advertiser easily and free of cost.

Today, there have been tremendous changes in the trend of the way customers find out the numbers of advertisers, the way they place their calls and the way these call are paid for. Thus it’s the belief of Marchex that with the tie up with Skype and its own advertising strategy, team of sales, services offered, they would be able to attract more and more advertisers, no matter, large or small and will act as a solution of high quality for them. This advertising program is available for all the advertisers, agencies and other companies such as Yellow Pages companies, local service providers, newspapers and many more.