Cisco and BT are all set to launch the global “cloud” based IPT solution, which will bring down the upfront investments required by the businesses, and provide a scalable hosted IP Telephony service. Now, BT is working closely alongside Cisco Services to take care of underlying virtualized infrastructure, and make things happen; so, you can definitely expect to see some exciting developments within a matter of few months.

With this new service, businesses will be able to unite mobile and data services along with voice telephony in limited budget, and considerably lower upfront costs. The first and the foremost step in adopting this approach would be consuming voicemail, IP telephony, unified messaging technologies, and conferencing services on a pay per user, utility-based pricing model.

Currently, these services have been made available in the UK markets, and the users in US and Asia Pacific will be able to avail these services in the third quarter of this year with BT’s latest gen 21CN global platform, and upcoming brand new secure data centers.

Coupling the new services with BT’s Onevoice services, now the company is ready to unite the other services, and make life easier for the corporate users. The latest package of voice telephony cum networking services will not only be flexible and affordable, but also have lower risk levels associated with them as well.

What’s more, this new service will be based on an innovative operation cost model that will facilitate the customers to manage their funds better, and avail benefits like free on-network calls, and extremely cheap rates for cellular calls between particular sites. This will hence bring down the overall expenses too. Therefore, those who preferred renting IP phones for on-site communication would now be able to take advantage of this new service. And, no wonder Cisco & BT are looking at a tremendously high figure in terms of potential customers.

Furthermore, the firms who’ve been struggling to manage their various wings can now make use of the hosted services offered by BT/Cisco, which will handle maintenance, upgrade, investment costs, and everything with managing IP telephony. So, businesses will be able to take care of things in an in-house set-up without really having to management so many different things separately.

BT’s most comprehensive Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS network will be utilized in the hosted service, which will allow businesses to securely share stuff within the workforce, not to mention some of their stunning collaboration tools.

The goodness of Cisco Unified Communications system will be seen on BT Hosted IPT, which will unify mobile apps, data, video, telephone/voice apps on mobile networks. The service will also feature a web portal to manage the day-to-day administrative tasks, and do everything from reconfiguring users’ phones, managing number/name down to displaying and setting up phones for fresh staff members.