Rackspace is one of the leading and well known cloud computing companies in the world. Rackspace and NASA have performed a lot of quality operations in cloud computing industry. as a matter of fact this is the revolution in cloud computing and it will also help in the improvement on permanent bases. It also sets a lot of standards in the field of cloud computing and the latest project offers a lot of research opportunities in the field. The company also sets the platform for scientific and engineering communities that do research in this field and project. It also offers different open source codes that help the customers to access information and also effect on the organizations for the research purpose. Rackspace now offers the open source opportunity to the people in this field for the betterment of this industry and this will be very much valuable for the cloud computing.

The aspects of this project

Open source cloud platform is designed to open new projects in the cloud computation.

It is very much valuable and demanding project ever. The project involves NASA for the improvement of the cloud technology. This is a joint venture and also an open source. Increasing storage is very essential in modern day technology and sometimes even necessary. The cloud project offers a lot of object store base on cloud files. It is nice to see that Rackspace and NASA have committed to use open stack to give extra power to their cloud plat form. This will be very progressive indeed. The platform is a great opportunity for the developers who can take the advantage of the donation of open source developers and resources from Rackspace. For the emergence of cloud standards, open stag provides solid opportunity. It will certainly improve the efficiency and effectiveness.

It is a nice step that NASA and Rackspace uniquely struggled to build the good and effective position of cloud plat forms. It is also very important this that the project is launched at a large scale and it will be very helpful for organization. They take information with the help of different codes. Another of the positive thing is that the cloud platform launches the virtual infrastructure management system. They offer millions of virtual servers as well. Rackspace and NASA offer some software which will be quite helpful for the future prospects. Modern scientific research prove that the increasing storage is way too essential for the development in cloud computing. It is also helpful for the improvement of the industry standards. With the help of this project it is a tremendous boost up for the community of Rackspace.

Solution in cloud computing

It is the great solution for the organizations the cloud field and those that use the open source system. The venture is also encouraging scientist to solve their problems and discover new ways of development in this industry. Cloud computing open source is the quite an effective way to spread information to all the scientist and engineering field people.