The is the website that offers its users’ with a bundle of mobile based applications. The offers the cloud based content management for the users’ and companies. The service ranges from a small scale use to large scale companies make an ample use of the

The sharing application and the storage based on cloud content on the offers an ample Apple based Operating system applications for its users’. The mainly holds a grip of applications compatible with iPhone and iPad console. The has touched sky in the second quarter of the year 2010 for previewing content based on the mobile applications. The content previewing tally has touched a gigantic one million. But recently the iOperating System application’s have now shifted its leg in to free Android applications. The latter can be found in the website under the Android Market place.

With the help of Android application it allows user to gain an access to their business based content. Moreover, one can share and manage their business with the help of Android apps. Thus, both the services can be availed in one go. With the help of latter one can browse through folders and files. You can also preview files that include media files, documents and Web documents. You can also go for sharing links related to for the files and folders using your email service. Moreover, one can also upload the files on the device that features the Android capability.

The co-founder of Aaron Levie said that the Android application that is lagging behind on the Company’s iOS applications is one of the powerful searches being made. But, with the help of Android application one can go for searching file and filtering the results by the file name, file size, date on which the file was updated and by its relevance. Android’s search through mobile has brought in an integrated search feature for the Moreover, Aaron added that the Android’s applications performance is much faster than Box’s service for iPhone and iPad applications.

The decided to put its first leg in to the Android application that was before BlackBerry had attempted to do so. The previous fact is quite astounding because the BlackBerry firm is quite common in the enterprise and businesses. This is the platform where Box’s applications are mainly in to play. Aaron explains Box’s first leg in to be a result of gradual rise in the enterprise’s adaptation of Android devices. This is the reason behind the development of the Android application by the before the pious BlackBerry. Moreover, Aaron highlighted that BlackBerry’s efforts towards the Android’s application is in progress and the latter shall hit the shelves soon.

Aaron also shared that applications shall be available on any such platform where the users’ are indulged in working. Moreover, the co-founder enlightens that competitors like Microsoft Share Point are not in to strong mobile related services and hence this is the opportunity for pioneer to take the charge of the market and touch the sky.