Martha Coakley, who is an Attorney General, has now become a part of the effort for finding out that whether Google Inc. – the Internet search giant has collected personal information of the citizens without having their grant. The main concern of the investigation is whether information was taken with the consent of people or not.

Coakley’s comment

Yesterday it was said by Coakley that she along with Lisa Madigan, the attorney general of Illinois, has sent one letter the Internet search giant Google Inc. in which they have asked the company for providing all of the details that are regarding the information which they collected from the Internet users. This information was taken as a part of the mapping program of the street view of the company. In one statement Coakley said that they are only concerned with the instances in which the details and necessary information of the consumers of Massachusetts had been compromised. On behalf of the Coakley office, one spokeswoman said that Google can be a reliable choice for the civil penalties that are under the laws of the privacy protection of the data of Massachusetts.

Google’s comment

Christine Chen, who is the spokeswoman of the company, has said that Google had suspended its mapping operations of Wi-Fi in the month of May and there re no plans of the company that it would be resuming this practice. The collection of the private information of the consumers by Google was being examined or challenged throughout the world. The attorney’s general of 30 of the states, which also included Coakley, had a conference call during the previous week in which they considered to have the joint action against the company. The privacy settings as well as the practices of Google are now studied by Federal Trade Commission and on the Capitol Hill, the democrat of Masschusetts the representative Edward Markey, and the representative Joe Barton, the cochairmen of the House Privacy Caucus, republican of Texas, had demanded during the start of this month about having more information about its related policies. Barton has also called for hearings when the detailed response by Google about this matter was not satisfying.

In many of the countries, the company is also under some investigations. These countries also include France, Canada, Australia and Germany. Recently, the French investigators had been analyzing the data which was provided by Google and in which it was said that the company has captured the Internet passwords as well as the email addresses of people without taking permission from those individuals. Also, Google was also hit by three of the class action lawsuits, which also included the one filed by Galaxy Internet Services Inc. of Newton that was filed during the previous month. This lawsuit seeks an amount of $10 million in the damages, contends that Google had allegedly collected the data present on the Internet from the paying customers of Galaxy, and also from people who were using the free wireless internet services in Faneuil Hall of Boston, Grove Hall and Government Center.