The 10-inch Android based Tablet PC compumax is the latest news in Colombia. The Colombians are popular for their exports with the tons of coffee beans but this time two Bogota based companies presently have a 10-inch tablet computers on their mind. This computing machine from Colombians is available in a compact size of Tablet pc form.

This model of tablet pc will promise to have a 10- inch screen comes with Android. This powerful tablet machine comprises a lot of features. As its name suggests the Compumax will take the computing limits to the maximum. As the computing power of a machine is compared by its configuration. So we need to take a look on the configuration and specifications of compumax. Let us take a look on the configuration of this power packed machine. It got an Android-powered Operating System with a powerful dual-core processor of 1GHz of Cortex A9 brand, means more computing power with two processors of 1 GHz working simultaneously. A 32GB hard drive is provided on board to store your files and data to a limiting extent. Apart from that 512MB of RAM will give you a performance boost. The look of this machine is very attractive and this Smart looking netbook-specced is yet available with its another version having Windows 7 slate. The windows 7 version on this tablet pc comes along with Atom N450 processor( atom processors give a relatively faster speeds to mobile pc’s as it consumes less voltage ), a DVD burner drive that makes you help in burning your cd’s and dvd’s.(to take a backup of your data on cd’s). You can also use the disk utility to install operating system on your tablet machine. Apart from this a 320GB hard disk drive is provided for on board storage. It will meet your all types of storage needs and even more than that. It will give you online memory up to 2GB that makes to applications load faster. Apart from that a folding stand is provided and a pair of peripheral-friendly USB ports are provided.

The companies are claiming that these devices will not be rebranded. The features provided by these tablet machines are uncomparable. All these specifications provided by compumax makes it one in a million. In our opinion, according to the modernization of society and arrival of mobile devices in industry, compumax is the best tablet pc. If we compare its features along with its price then it will not cost you much. If you look for a tablet pc with these specification and price range, you will come only to compumax. From our discussion we can conclude that, no doubt compumax is the best tablet pc available to us till the date. The “Hyper” Android slate is already on the sale for COP of 700,000. Is that sound much to you, then be prepared as you can’t expect the “Smart Touch” Windows machine to debut around COP 1,099,000 when it debuts in Peru in the next month.