The XIX Commonwealth Games will be going green as Reliance Industries’ Solar Energy Group and Atlanta-based Suniva have announced that they will be installing 1MW rooftop solar panels at the Thyagaraj Stadium.

This is for the first time, that an extensive amount of solar technology is being used to invest in efficient power utilization for this year’s Commonwealth games in October.

Autumn might not be the season, when India is plagued with a huge power outage due to lack of electricity. However, in order to merge the demand and supply gap, Reliance Solar Energy Group and Suniva will be utilizing ARTisun Technology. This technology involves screen printing in order to create contact lines on the solar cells. As a result of screen printing thinner cells for solar panels are produced which are extremely cost effective and efficient. The company plans to house the solar panels in a 20,000 square meters of area of the Thyagaraj Stadium.

As the stadium has almost 20,000 square meters of area suitable for solar installation, the surplus energy generated can be transferred to the grid. Moreover the power system will comprise of 3460 280Wp modules that will generate about 1.4 million KWh of electricity annually

Suniva’s solar cell which is a thin film mono-crystalline enables energy efficiency of about 20%. This means that the stadium will not require larger amounts of electricity from the main grid, but would be self sufficient. This would reduce the load on the total energy consumption and at the same time, stabilize frequent black-outs in India, at the time of the games.