Connectivity is the most important deal in the current world. The world becomes a village when any computer signal  reaches to millions within a fraction of second. This fast connective world is a result of the connectivity through Internet. Thus Internet is evolved as the most powerful media in the present scenario. But as we all know “more power comes with more responsibility”, this may be forgotten by some sections of the media. In order to regulate the whole thing under a uniform law a meeting was held between the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the associated companies. They discussed about the frame and modification of regulation to avoid any controversy of law while applying it in the right context.


FCC Chairman Julius presided the meeting where chief of staff and members of strategic planners of FCC were present to help him. On the other side of the table Broadband providers including AT&T and Verizon, as well large Internet firms Google and Skype, to elevate the misunderstanding between the watchdog and business agency. The most discussed issue was net neutrality rules that would require network operators to treat all content equally.

Background of the discussion

The discussion takes place in a ground of a ruling of U.S. federal court where they raised question about the regulatory agency about their capability of running neutrality regulation over the telecom and broadband sector. The broadband connectors and Internet based firms were emphasizing on a firm law but at the same time they want an assurance of right and equal use of law in every case. The court accused the watchdog authority that they were unable to stop Comcast when they slow down the traffic to a popular file sharing site. This is term as a suicidal step which may greatly hinder the speed of spreading the Internet network all over the country.

What FCC says

FCC chief of staff Eddie Lazarus said the agency held the meeting to “seize an opportunity.” “Today we began a process to engage with a wide variety of stakeholders in an effort to support the process that Congressional leaders have started to examine updating the Communications Act,” Lazarus said.

Washington post correspondent Cecilia Kang mentioned, “Companies have already begun discussing various aspects of possible net neutrality regulations, considering, for example, how carriers could manage traffic on their networks and whether wireless services should be subject to the regulations.”

Whether the meeting is going n for avoiding reclassification of broadband or not, it’s a concern that’s for sure. In this context Lazarus said only that, “this is a way to see what policy consensus exists on most important issues we face.”

New law and proposals

The lawmakers started to make a new draft of communication law. In this context this discussion could place a very vital role. In fact FCC wants to make a new agency for the control broadband connection only, but the business society opposes it strongly showing that this can hamper the effort of neutrality or uniformity in the network.