On June 1st at Computex, Taipei, Intel launched the new products and features of Intel Atom’s processor. At the launch Intel also said that they are planning to differentiate the Netbook category altogether and develop products which are suitable for Netbook devices. Its only around 50 days since Intel has launched the new Atom products and it has got involved in various projects for building devices powered by this new processor. Intel in collaboration with other smart device manufacturing companies is working in developing platform for Smartphones and smart TVs. They already have partnered with Google, Logitech, and Sony for manufacturing such Smart Television sets.

In recent past Intel has also launched its new Atom product called Tunnel Creek which is a processor based system on chip. This allows other manufacturers to attaché their processors to the Intel’s Atom and design custom products. Intel’s Atom family of processors has opened possibilities for developing a whole new range of Microprocessor controlled devices. Anything which is electronic can add Intel Atom to have more functionalities and intelligence. At this occasion Intel also unveiled the worlds slimmest Netbook which is powered by Intel mobile dual core processors. This Netbook is just 14 mm thick and the technology used by Intel keeps it 50% cooler than other Netbooks available in the market. They also showed other Intel Atom powered devices like power saving blade servers, and various other Tablet PCs. By developing and promoting the Atom processors Intel is opening Avenues for the development of many smart devices which we will see in the market in coming days.

Intel also announced that Asus is going to launch the first Netbook which will have Asus’s Chip running on Intel Atom. Acer again is developing similar kind of Atom powered Notebooks and they will be soon available in the market. Intel Atom processor is designed for portable devices and it focuses on reducing the power consumption and better performance. The Atom cuts the battery drainage to almost half and thus makes it self the most suited processor for portable smart device. Intel has many processors in the pipeline and they will soon be launched this year. Some of them are Intel Atom N455 and N475 which support DDR3 memory and are designed specifically for Netbooks, Intel Atom D525 and D425 are designed for Personal computers. Intel’s Soc Atom platform will also be available soon and with the advent of this device others would be able to attach their chips which will be powered by Intel. After introducing these products to the market Intel has started getting numerous queries for developing smart devices. Logically the Intel’s Atom processor can be fitted into any device to for increasing its intelligence. This certainly is a breakthrough product released by Intel and will play a role in revolutionising the smart devices of today. Atom is sleek and consumes very less power thus increasing the battery life; what else is required by any smart portable device which runs on battery power.