Labels do the same work which folders do, but they are more flexible than folders because an email can have a lot of label’s but can’t be in various folders at the same time. When you have created a label you can see all the messages by clicking on it.

Procedure to create a label:

1. Click on setting > labels or you can create it by clicking on the LABELS drop down menu
2. Click on create a new label
3. Type the desired name of your new label and press ok.

Some of the feature that the Gmail provides is to make a hierarchy of labels like in folders. You can create labels that provide you an easy excess to the requested links that you want to show in the fields.

You will label with / and make the child of your label that you want to display in your inbox. If you want to create the hierarchy which actually display home and there child in the nesting order Gmail provides you the facility to implement this in very easy way here is the procedure to follow:

Home: it is you parent folder
Home/Family: it shows the child
Home/Vacation: you can display the hierarchy which you want.

Gmail facilitate to display the nesting like “Home/Family/Kids,” “Home/Pets/care,” this hierarchy could be displayed in your left. So, by creating the parent label name home you could easily create their child and display in your inbox.

You can organize the complex hierarchy. Moreover, Gmail provides you to expand your label to collapse the free space that show in your inbox. You can apply desire setting in labels that tells you it contains unread messages or you could collapse the child labels for you convenience.

Hide read labels create problems. You will confuse if your both labels enable; for example, the hide labels won’t appear as it should sometime hinder the continuity in your communication.

Gmail launching different experimental features, nested labels is one of them, this facilitate you to organize your labels that you want. If you want to enable this feature open setting an enable the nested labels option. You can also manipulate the nested labels by drag and drop and organize them in to your requirements. Moreover you can assign the naming scheme that suit you well.

After creating the nested labels, you can create the parents labels for better manipulation. Gmail allows you to create the complex nested labels in any hierarchy, and there is no such limit to create the nested labels; but here character could be limited so it is better to use the word that is simple to remember.

You can mange the unread message for later preference. This feature is very useful you just need to turn ON the Gmail setting; open the sneak option by pressing the alphabets and you can navigate to the letter such as “j”,”k” you can dismiss the peak card by pressing escape you setting is permanently save.