A research shows that apparently Google has its gadgets to spy user’s details. It can be detected if Google Chrome 5 is downloaded.  Another fact is that when you choose a widget from Igoogle, the very next day after surfing the net, a URL will appear in green highlight asking if you want your location to be tracked. Almost all of the people who downloaded the same browser, Google Chrome 5, have similar experiences. Aside from this, Google Analytics has been made to detect the person’s IP address, mac address, physical address, location and many more in a special code of Java Script, which is another ridiculous event. Google is really spying on you.

Gwilson, a representative of the project of Google, admitted that there were cases of widgets having been made to detect the person’s location. It actually pretends as a good widget from Igoogle or in Gmail but actually is not.

Exposes conducted by Washington Posts Top secret America show that there are several companies who can spy. There are 1931 companies that can detect some information about their customers. One of those is Google. Sadly, Google is really guilty of spying consumers. In addition to that, it was found out by a news spread that Google has been working together with National Security Agency that also spies on private infrastructures of a million and more residences in United States.

After reading the results of the posts released by Washington Posts Top Secret America, the consumer watchdog made a statement that Google should discontinue its spying purposes. The Consumer watchdog is asking for a demand in action and is looking for possible grounds of privacy violated by Google. A letter was made by the group and it was sent to the Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman personally by members in position related to this job, Joe Barton. Mr. John M. Simpson. The head of the consumer group wrote this letter.

Simpson, concerning the issues governing spying by Google said to the Energy and Commerce Committee that Google was spying almost 30 states all over the world. In a recent letter made by the Consumer watchdog, Mr. Pablo Chavez, Google’s head of public policy, admitted that they (Google) had incorrectly involved a code about payload data for non-government networks.

Simpson proves the spying by Google Company in a patent application. He is sure of himself that Google is having some samples of data through Wi-Fi. The United states residential and Wi-Fi Business networks are the samples in the population for the study.  Simpson added that when Google collects data it cannot be rest assured that it will not be revealed to public.

While the Consumer watchdog is creating a move to accuse Google of spying, Google did not answer back. Google must answer this kind of issues governing their integrity as one of the popular search engine in United States and in other countries. Simpson must continue the fight for consumer’s freedom and right of privacy. This is but a long journey and process to deal with. Every citizen should be encouraged to follow up these kinds of issues because, who knows, Google may already have information about you.