Microsoft Office Word is a Text editor which has many formatting and advanced features for creating rich text documents. Not only text documents but you can at times receive some files which have tables in it. Though tables in a Word document are good for representing the data along with the other text of the document but tables in Word lack features like advanced calculations and formatting. This can be done by transferring or exporting the table to an Excel workbook and then working on the data of the table. In this post is will let you know how to copy tables present in any Word document to an Excel spreadsheet.

Before copying the tables to an Excel spreadsheet you should figure out if the data that you are presuming to be in tabular format is actually in tabular format or is written as in columns and rows. To identify the presence of actual table in a Word document move the mouse pointer on that data and if you see a small compass icon on the top left corner of that data then it means that it is a table else it is not. If it is not a true table then you need to convert the data into a table and then only you can easily copy it to Excel. Steps for converting text to table are also given in this post.

Steps to copy the table


Move the mouse pointer on your table in Word file so that the compass icon appears on the top left corner of the table.


Once you have the compass icon, click on that icon so that the entire table gets highlighted.


Press CTRL+C on the keyboard, or click Edit and then on Copy option to copy the table.


Open the Excel file in which you want to paste the data and click on the cell which will be the first row and first cell of your table.


Press CTRL+V or click on the Edit menu and then on the Paste option. This will past the entire table which you copied from Word document into your Excel spreadsheet but will lose some of its source formatting.


If you wish to keep the same source formatting then you can click on the Edit menu and then click on Paste Special and chose Keep Source Formatting option.

Steps to convert text to table


Highlight all the text which you need to convert to table and make sure that the data of individual columns is separated by Tab space.


Click on the Insert Ribbon, then on the arrow on the Table button and then on the Convert Text to Table option.


Insert the number of rows and columns you want in your table and then click on OK

Steps given above for conversion will create a table for you and will place the data in it based upon the Tab spacing.