As you all must be aware, HP is one of the leading supplier of PC’s globally, it has managed to sell more number of convertible tablets when they were not in too much demand in market. HP has added a new Intel Central Processing Unit (CPU) in the Touch Smart tm2 and managed to upgrade it further. Touch Smart tm2 is much lighter and a refreshed consumer tablet model, with the most upgraded Intel core i5 inside it.

Specifications of Intel Core i5:

This new Intel Central Processing Unit (CPU) chip is the Core i5-430UM, with the clock frequency of 1.20 GHz and has a 3MB cache memory. Two months back, HP had upgraded its first CPU with Core i3 and after just two months only, HP has come up with its second CPU upgrade to this Touch Smart tm2 mobile computer.

The CPU given by HP is built up with a memory of 4GB and it is expandable up to 8GB of RAM, and also has the hard disk capacity up to 320GB, 500GB and even 640GB of storage in which large number of photos, video clips and music can be stored. The tablet can also be upgraded with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5450 DirectX 11-capable discrete card. Adding to these, the other specifications are that it includes a 5-in-1 card reader, a True Vision webcam, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, Gigabit Ethernet and a 6-cell battery. The company also guarantees 9 hours battery life. Also, this multi touch skin is pen and finger friendly. The advanced thermal design of the keyboard makes it cooler as it has an aluminum chassis full size keyboard. HP has also made an inbuilt HP ProtectSmart which helps it to check if the computer is being dropped and it also locks the hard disk so that nobody can misuse the data and thereby protects the data. There is the integrated fingerprint reader on the display. It has a superb sound with Dolby Advanced Audio and Altec Lansing speakers.

Touch display of zero force

The other impressive feature is that the screen can be twisted to 180 degrees and can be made flat for using it in the form of slate or a movie can be watched on a plane. As the screen is finger or pen friendly, the fingers can be used to scroll the Web pages, to navigate, to select any object and many more.

The security and support feature

There is a one year warranty of this hardware and the user gets to do the real time chat and mails, and just by clicking on the icon on desktop, a user can have access to on- line support. Through the HP Total Care, user can also have access to the FAQ’s, online classes. With the long list of the above features by HP, there is no doubt for the hype created by them for its product as it is actually worth it.