The all new Cotton Candy is a full-fledged computer in a USB flash drive. Fabricated by FXI Technologies, the device has both Android and Ubuntu operating systems along with Virtualization client for Windows, Linux and Mac embedded with it. It is capable of turning any screen into a computer with features such as cloud computing, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and much more.

With a considerable rise in the demand for various kind of PCs, the computing is going to its next level. And with such devices, it seems that the size aspect of PCs is shrinking with each passing each day. Portable is the word to reckon technology these days. Gone are the days of floppies, CDs and DVDs. USB drives are now the new powerful storage tool. For those who thought that USB drives or the so called flash drives are merely meant for storage, wake up and smell the coffee. There’s more to it that is coming up to rock your world.

The petite USB drive, which you thought could not bear the burden of more than few movies or songs, playlists or perhaps some important office data, will now actually become a full fledged computer. Yes, it is absolutely true. FXI Technologies, a Norwegian corporation has recently unveiled this portable computer, which is nothing but a USB stick computer, christened as Cotton Candy.

Well, before you make further speculations, let the beans get spilled. Cotton Candy, which looks like an ordinary flash drive, when once connected to any screen with USB or HDMI support can convert it to a computer.

At a negligible weight of 21 grams, the device comes with a USB 2.0 Connector on one side and an HDMI Jack on the other. It is equipped with an ARM Cortex A9 (1.2GHz) CPU, an ARM Mali-400 MP (Quad-core) GPU, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, HDMI output apart from the Android and Ubuntu OS.

“With the broad acceptance of Cloud computing and the advancement in processor technologies, the concept of a “screenless PC” is a natural evolution in the form factor of computing devices,” said Jon Peddie, president of Jon Peddie and Associates. He further added, “The connectivity, flexibility and multi-screen compatibility of FXI’s Cotton Candy makes it like a computer built specifically for the Cloud.”

With Cotton Candy, not only you can use a smart screen as a computer, but also access cloud easily, create a single content storage point and organize your content, share your content from mobile to some other large screen or projector. It will also help you lower the cost of computing and extend the life of your hardware as well.