Microsoft Access is software from the Microsoft Corporation that comes in its Famous Microsoft Office suite. Microsoft Office is a commercially marketed platform which consists of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Access. Microsoft Office was launched in 1990 with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint; it has now come a long way with Microsoft Office 2010 has been launched for Windows and Microsoft Office 2011 has been launched for Mac OS X. Microsoft Access was launched in the winter of 1992 and has come a long way since with the most current version Microsoft Access 2010 out.

Microsoft Access is a relational database management application available with the Microsoft office suite. It helps overcome the difficulties encountered in Excel while managing large databases. Like any computer software, to use Microsoft Access, you must first have it installed in your system. It is also available in the Microsoft Office suite. After installing it, to start this program select it from the Microsoft Office tab in your Start up Window.

Now, before learning how to create a Microsoft Access Query using more than one table, let us find out what exactly is a Query and a Table.


They are a set of instructions that are used to retrieve Data from a database. A query can be written through the user interface provided in Microsoft Access, It can also be written using SQL (Structured Query Language)


Tables are a combination of rows and columns in which data is filled.

Creating the query:

Step 1:

The First step should be to Click on the create option which will give you the option to create a database.

Step 2:

Then Go to query Wizard and from the various tabs shown chose the simple query wizard.

Step 3:

Choose the fields from ‘Available fields’ Tab for one table, then select a different table and chose the fields as above from that table.

Step 4:

Now from the tabs available click on Detail.

Step 5:

Give the query a title.

Here you must choose an appropriate title for your query; after giving it a name select “Open the query to view information.”

And your query is created.

It is this very property of Microsoft Access that separates it from other databases; its ability to link different tables in one database gives it the name of a ‘Relational Database’. Microsoft Access is designed with an easy to use user interface keeping in mind that the customers using it should not require an in-depth knowledge of Database management so as to utilize its key features and to keep tabs on your database so as to make a well informed decision. It is this attribute of Microsoft Access that separates it from its competitors and has given it a chance to carve out a niche for itself in the professional environment. You wouldn’t expect anything better from the Hands of Microsoft.