One of the reasons for the popularity of Windows is unique features that are provided by all versions of Windows. Windows provides an exciting feature that allows many users to use a single computer. By creating separate accounts, users can access computer without interfering or affecting data saved by one another. Each account, created by user, will have unique preferences and settings as per the choice of that user. Access to programs and files is controlled by user account and it will also put a ceiling on changes made by user. In order to create an account, you must carry out few steps that will lead to a standard account.

To begin with, you must know if computer is on a workgroup or domain. You can make out it just by clicking on ‘Start’ button, followed by right-click on ‘Computer’. This will give you a list of options including ‘Properties’. On selecting ‘Properties’, one window will open giving information about settings and workgroup of computer. Procedure of creating user account will be different for computers working on a domain and workgroup.

If your computer is working on a domain, local user accounts can be created. In case of local user accounts, people can have access to computer but it restricts access to the domain. System administrator exclusively has rights to create domain user accounts. First, click on ‘Start’ and look for ‘Microsoft Management Console’ by typing ‘mmc’ into search box. You must enter administrator password or provide confirmation if it is necessary. In this window, you will see ‘Local Users and Groups’ on the left. Select this option and click on folder named as ‘Users’. Then click on ‘Action’ and ‘New User’ tab under it.

If you don’t find any option such as ‘Local Users and Groups’, you might have to install it. For this, click on ‘File’ menu in Microsoft Management Console and select ‘Add/Remove Snap-in’. After that, just click on ‘Local Users and Groups’ and ‘Add’ it. Then select ‘Local Computer’ and ‘Finish’ to complete installation. Procedure that is explained earlier can be carried out. Finally, you just have to fill information which is mandatory. You must make sure that all fields contain appropriate information. After you are finished with all fields, click on option ‘Create’ and your account will be created successfully. Close the window when you are done.

For computers working on workgroup there is different procedure to create user accounts. This process is quiet easier than one explained above. In this computer, you have to click on ‘Start’ button and go to the ‘Control Panel’. You will see a separate window showing various options including ‘User Accounts and Family Safety’. You have to click on ‘User Accounts and Family Safety’ and ‘User Accounts’ under it. Next step will be ‘Manage another account’. While doing so, if you are asked for confirmation or administrator password, you must provide it; otherwise you cannot proceed further. Then you just have to click ‘Create a new Account’. You must enter the type of account with name of your choice. Finally, click on ‘Create Account’ and you are done. Account will be created successfully and you will receive a notification of it. Windows provides a wonderful way to share a single computer among many users.