Customer support is basically designed for help to the consumer, but the pain of waiting for a phone representative and the impersonal emails can create more damage than good for a brand. Now People are turned off by the term and for this reason, companies have begun to use different terminology to describe their efforts

The bar for customer service is not very high across the board. In many cases, customer service is nothing but a business issues which keep an organization from focusing on the product or service, which need for extra support.

Many organizations are still looking at customer service, they used it as a cost center, and they could be taking a different view, especially with social media. The best way to communicate about something, then it is better by letting people to see satisfied customers.

This is not the right way for customer service. The connectivity is possible by social media, and the companies have also found a new way to engage their customers, and they also want to solve their problems, and want to build goodwill for their brands: Twitter. It is very important to understand how Twitter can transform customer relations for the better, and this can be substantial for reducing costs and improving brand image.

Twitter is an Ideal Customer Service Platform

At first you need to understand that why Twitter and customer service is a match made in heaven. There is some major tenants of good customer service and how they relate to Twitter:

The main attention of customer service is to help someone to resolve their problems. Phone conversations can help to solve the problems. And Twitter is a lightning-fast platform which can help sift through and solve problems very easily. If there is a small issue, then a single tweet may be enough for solving the problems. And if there is a more complex problem, then brand can initiate a deeper conversation with the customer.

Positive brand image is very important for a brand, because great customer service gets talked about, and this reason can lead to more sales and more attention. Twitter is one of the most viral platforms through which can make one happy customer into an international story.

Staff involvement is another important issue; if the team does not buy into the notion of helping the customer then they are going to provide sub-par assistance. Twitter is one of the interesting platform, but not only a more interesting platform than phone or email, but twitter basically gives staff a better picture of their impact on the others.

Cost reduction is important in this service, via Twitter customer service can takes less time and a less money than a dedicated call center. In this Twitter, it’s necessary to be short and to the point, so this can reduces the time needed to solve each problem.