Tweak your MS Word 2007 application with these simple steps to make your work more efficient and quick.

Many computer users have been using the Microsoft Office applications since its inception. There are several versions of this business package to fulfil your professional demands and requirements. Microsoft takes good care of its customers by providing the best available options in the market. Therefore, here are some easy steps to implement for the customization of MS Word 2007 application. By implementing these steps you can make your favourite word processor deliver much more and make you stay upbeat against the increasing challenges.

Let’s start with customizing your keyboard shortcuts. As it is a word processor, no wonder your fingers will mostly be on your keyboard. So, you can save lot of time by setting some easy shortcuts .

Take a look at how you can do it:

•From the ‘office button’ located at the top left corner click on the ‘word options button’ which pops in the window below.
•Then navigate to the ‘customize tab’. There at the bottom you will see ‘keyboard shortcuts’ written, click customize to make the changes.
•Now you can select the category you wish to assign a shortcut to, and finally set it.

Now, if you do not use much of keyboard, there is one more option for you. Try using the quick access toolbar, located besides the Office button with small symbols are one click access to lots of things.

Follow these steps to customize it:

•Besides the toolbar, you will see a drop down symbol. On clicking it you will find some common items which you normally use. The unmarked things are the ones you can add them to your toolbar. The marked ones are already present.
•If you find the items mentioned by default are not sufficient enough and you need more then you can click on ‘more commands’ located below the same list.
•On clicking that you will be presented with a window which has lots of options which will let you add as many things you want in your toolbar for quick access. It is very easy to add and remove items. Just click on the marked items and they will be removed.
•You can also use the functions mentioned in the Ribbon and if you do not require so you can minimize it anytime.

At the end of your page you will find the status bar. Status bar can help you in providing statistics about your current documents. There too you will find lots of options to add and remove items by right clicking on status bar.

Also to help you make your MS Word behave more in a manner of your choice, the ‘Word Options’ button in the menu appearing by Office button comes very handy. It offers tons of options to choose and customize according to your choice. It offers nine different tabs. Study all tabs properly and use all settings you want. You can also set auto-recovery option, the default font and size option, and numerous others. So, for all those people for whom there is no word besides Microsoft’s Office, you don’t need to worry.