Are you feeling bore with the plain white home pages offered by the Google? If yes, then get ready to change the same with some unique colorful presentation that soothes your eyes. Such presentations will eradicate the bore feeling and will inspire you to search and stay more on the particular page. This has been done from behalf of the company to attract more and more viewers to search the site. You can choose any picture residing from your hard drive or can even download images from the web for changing the homepages. However, this facility was previously absent. Hence, it can be considered as the latest inclusion by the company.

Customizing procedure

Before customizing the search page choose a picture either from the hard drive of your computer or from the Web albums. You will find a new link at the left most corner of the of the Google website. This link appears as soon as you select the image. This link will provide you the ability to change the traditional look of the search page to a new one, precisely of your own choice. However, this facility will initially be available to the U.S. Google users. But the company promises to provide it to the international users all over the world within a few days.

Reason behind customizing the home page

The Vice President of the Search Products of the company Marissa Mayer announced the customizing facility. But no detail explanation was found regarding the inclusion of this new feature. It has been already seen the iGoogle or the Gmail and other various Google products offer such customization of their pages. So it is clear that the company is not incorporating this property only for personalizing the Search Pages. The Google experts are working tremendously to avoid the clutters that are faced on the home pages.

Comparing with the Bing

Bing is the Microsoft’s powerful search engine which visualizes new photos on its home pages regularly. Hence, customizing the search pages of Google will definitely remind you the former one. It can be assumed that since this background changing property of the Bing has fetched huge popularity to the site, this has followed by Google also. That is the company wants to acquire the entire viewer market.

Impact of the feature on people

People have mixed feeling regarding this new feature. Many people are not familiar with the Microsoft search engine. They usually prefer Google. With the inclusion of this property many of them think that Google can now completely take over the Bing. On the other hand, some people still loves to see the plain white traditional search page and are reluctant to change it with any other picture.

In a nut shell, it can be said that the idea of customizing the home page will definitely bring a wonderful look. It is in fact a very good idea to divert the Bing users so that they start using Google as their main search engine.