Sprint will carry on extending smartphone users data access in unlimited manner, but it has contemplated to charge a little bit extra for this profligacy. Effective from 30th January, 2011 the carrier will charge 10 dollar per month for Premium Data for the new customers of smartphone. However, the present customers of Sprint smartphone users will not be affected by this change unless the activation or up gradation is made for new phone. In the announcement made on last January, 18 the carrier briefed that customer of smartphone, on an average, use ten times of more data which include phone owners. While it is a good news for extending 4G and 3G wireless networks, smart phones, and all the utilities which are available through theme mailing photos, obtaining driving directions, viewing videos etc., but for all these additional facilities, networks for wireless data have become expensive for building, maintenance and  expansion.

Sprint desires its customer to enjoy the availability of productivity and entertainment scopes found in present day wireless technology. Recently, Bob H. Johnson, Sprints consumer business president, clarified through a statement that some of the competitors of Sprint claim additional charges for overage and complex plans; on the other hand Sprint does not overburden the users who uses their network by extending the facilities for experiencing unlimited data access without any worry. All these are commitment on the part of Sprint showing its simplicity and responsibility towards value for the customers. Earlier, the Premium Data charge was applicable to HTC Evo Shift 4G, HTC Evo4G and on devices for Samsung Epic 4G only.

Since wireless carriers implement more technology offerings of speedy nature, increasing numbers of Smartphone user are discarding the unlimited data plans because adjustment in pricing plans for wireless data have become a common feature utilizing unlimited data plans. AT&T, in its endeavour to meet and support the demands of increasing IPhone users, has adopted tiered pricings scheme which will affect only a tiny percentage of subscribers who are using additional quantity of data on every month.

During the later part of the year 2010, Verizon adopted tiered pricing, extending it as charismas offer. At the time of declaration of third quarter results of the carriers on 22 October, 2010, John Killian, the CFO briefed that a shift to tiered pricing is being contemplated. He also opined that they prefer the idea of tiered pricing, but will think about it.  Sprint, while declaring its new change in pricing policies, affirmed that its plan offer, however, was the finest among the other alternatives. Unlimited data plans of Sprints, without or with the ten dollar charge, will be treated as the best scheme in comparison to its national competitors who usually cap data for users, claim for data overages and also do not provide the exceptionally functionality of Any Mobile, Anytime which offers unlimited calling facility for the subscribers to other users of wireless in USA irrespective of carrier.