The launch of DediPower’s new Public Cloud has signaled a step change for managed hosting. Providing a fast-roll-out and a shared economy expected from Cloud infrastructure. It raises a bar on the typical commodity oriented Public Cloud services currently flooding the market.

DediPower is committed to delivering Public Cloud that makes use of only best of breed hardware and dedicated support normally associated with bespoke Private enterprise solutions. To support this, it offers a solid Service Level Agreement which ensures 100% uptime and high availability; utilises high speed fully redundant SAS SAN for storage; and includes ISO 27002 compliant security separation, firewalling and enterprise calibre back-ups as standard.

Craig Martin, CEO of DediPower, stated that – “Hosting companies have fallen in to the trap of developing cloud platforms to be ahead of the curve. This is not their main strength. Consequently, they have tried to solve the issue from every angle, leading to unsupportable architectures and inconsistent pricing. They objective to challenge them and provide a new benchmark for the industry by using premier, proven hardware; architecture developed on our top-end servers; and solutions built using VMWare Hypervisor, the industry leading virtualisation platform.”

They continued, “We reckon that organisations which are looking to migrate to Public Cloud do not actually want low costs on the stake of unreliable platform that cannot service their needs. They need a risk-free solution that accommodates their growth and is robust to reply to market demands and future growth strategies. At DediPower, they think 100% availability and solid support is still a prerequisite for hosting – no matter how small the client, its web traffic or its investment. Value is what counts – and they objective to deliver that throughout.”.

DediPower Public Cloud incorporates VMWare Hypervisor and it runs on the latest Intel Nehalem Hardware. There is no hyper allocation of RAM or CPU and storage is provided using high-performance SAS SAN hardware with suitable QoS levels on disk I/O. Costing models are based on Virtual Cloud Information Centres which are sold as blocks of RAM with storage split in to virtual machines.

DediPower is a leading UK provider of managed hosting and information centre solutions. It makes web and eBusiness innovation a reality and delivers outstanding ROI for organisations of all sizes. Its current clients include Sony, , ITV, Virgin, NHS and The BRIT Awards. Focused on delivering service excellence through its Support with Passion® philosophy, DediPower’s enterprise class information centres offer 100% availability and accredited information security to support business critical, data-rich, e commerce, interactive and web-based applications. It provides  managed private cloud, virtualisation, bespoke managed hosting, multi-server clusters, and co-location services. DediPower is a winner of numerous hosting awards and is a Microsoft Gold certified partner and RedHat Prepared hosting partner. DediPower has done a lot in its area of expertise and is still continuing to do so. Dedipower has ia Microsoft Gold Partner and also a repared hosting partner for Linux and has been awarded several times. DediPower’s headquarters is situated in Reading Berkshire, UK.