Google is introducing new features like instant search to enhance its search engine speed. If you have installed the latest Google Chrome update, just write “what”, “how” or “when” in the Google search bar and see the effect of this new feature. This feature is fully automated and it is based on the popular common searches. The new feature of the Google is getting huge popularity and it also saves time while typing the whole keyword. But in France a court has convicted Google and its CEO Eric Schmidt of defamation when a user has complained that his name is associated with rapist and Satanist. Though the user was convicted for rape of a minor and murder but the case is still in the court. The French court said that he is innocent until all appeals have been exhausted. Don’t such cases seem awkward? Yet they are damaging to a corporates public relations

As a result of the complaint, the Google has to pay a symbolic damage of $6,700 to the user. The French court found Google guilty of “public slandering of a private individual.” Now Google has decided to appeal against the court’s decision, which also stated that the Google must take preventative measures to ensure the same thing does not happen again. And the court also said Google to remove “harmful” suggestions.

A Google spokesperson also  clarified that these suggestions are not from Google and they are based on searches performed by other users. The spoke person also told reporters that all these searches are automated or algorithmically determined based on the number of objective items including the popularity of searches. Google also said that Google does not suggest these items but all the queries shown in auto complete are typed by previous Google users.

But most of the users said that Google is liable and it is impossible to block words associated with any person. In Italy also, a court has convicted three Google executives with violation of Italy’s piracy code. They uploaded a video on YouTube showing a boy is been bullying. The court convicted them and sentenced for 6 months. These cases are not looking liable and Google is not answering those queries, it came from the most popular searches.

People using search engines across the world found Google prediction feature very exciting and they want other search engines to do the same with their prediction. We all know that Google is the no 1 search engine in the world and often people try these tricks to earn some free money and fame. From my personal experience if cases like this will come again in future then Google should change the search format like [name of the person] + [category adjective]. Problems like this only confuse Google and stop new innovation in the field of search engine. It is the property of the internet that it shows potential searched keyword and it can not be removed, so the complain is looking baseless and court should reconsider the decision.