One of the leading computer device manufacturers Dell has released a new 21.5″ LCD Flat panel monitor with eye catching lucrative features in a very moderate range. Dell is expecting a huge sell of this new product for its unique feature and recent technology. The P2210H Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor is a highly professional monitor with its black outlook.

  • High Resolution: The monitor is designated with a resolution of 1680 x 1050 pixels, which will produce very high quality multimedia environment. High resolution will enable the viewers to enjoy more intensified image quality with sophisticated technological adherence.
  • Array of video connectors: This monitor comes with an array of video connectors to meet various video connectivity requirements including DVI (HDCP) and display port which help deliver high quality image and stupendous color uniformity.
  • High contrast Ratio: Dell P2210H features 1000:1 contrast ratio, which enables the viewers to enjoy vivid colors with excellent color quality.
  • Faster response: The new product is offering a very fast video editing or graphics setting. It takes only 5 ms to adjust and promote the recommended works. Very fast response will provide a well reputed quality of connectivity and networking. This short time connection may be used to setup several multipurpose networking jobs which will be accelerated with the monitor speed.
  • USB ports: This product is adorned with 4 USB 2.0 ports which enables USB devices to plug-ins through the monitor. With this feature the USB devices will be able to connect with monitor directly, which will a great feature of this model.
  • High monitor brightness: The new model will provide a high monitor brightness of 250cd/m², which will enable to enjoy the high performance view of video. The brightness is well controllable and is free from any harmful ray for the eye. It will give comfort to the users with ultimate real brightness which is not excessively flashy at all.
  • Flexibility of adjustment: The monitor can tilted to 45° right or left for adjusting the view. In fact the height can be also adjusted with a pivot adjustment system. Thus this monitor will ensure more comfort to the customers.
  • High standard picture quality: The model will ensure high quality picture or image with VGA cable for analog connection or other cable means related to PC for digital connection.

Dell is looking forward to increase their market share in monitor market by providing unique and lucrative features with very affordable offer. The new P2210H Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor – Black will be available with £144.