Now a day’s malwares and viruses have become the alarming problem for the computer users. As daily we hear the name of a new malware because many corrupt people are continuously working for their personal interest and to fulfill this they spoil other data. These malwares are dangerous for software and as well as hardware. These malwares and viruses are not only affecting common people PC’s but they are also damaging business productions

How Malware are affecting?

A series of faults has directed Dell’s efficiency of motherboards, with malwares. Dell is facing serious problem of having its motherboards affected from malwares and after sale they have to remove these malwares from these motherboard. This has also had an effect on its goodwill and people were loosing their confidence in the company. Dell realized this problem soon and it has revamped hardware testing in wake of malware issue.

Dell Announced

Dell said, “Some replacement motherboards for PowerEdge servers may have contained the W32.Spybot worm in flash storage. The malware issue affected a limited number of replacement motherboards in four servers, the PowerEdge R310, PowerEdge R410, PowerEdge R510 and PowerEdge T410 models”

Dell spokesman Jim Hahn said, “There was a sequence of human errors that led to the issue, we have identified and implemented 16 additional process steps to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

What was the problem?

The problem occurred due to the introduction of a code accidently in the manufacturing process. This was a malware code that has created that entire problem. Now Dell has detected that code and it has been removed. So the people need not to worry in future and can get the Dell product with full confidence in its quality.

To admit a mistake is a great deed and this quality does not exist in large. Dell has proved its loyalty and devotion for its customers as it has admitted this fault and has taken rapid actions to overcome the problem.  Dell has introduced a sixteen step process to ensure that all their production is safe. It’s a good step and it is always said that prevention is better than inspection.

All the motherboards come with flash memory that stores BIOS instructions. Flash is a non volatile memory and can store data after the computer shut down. These motherboards can also be infected with the same virus that affects our flash drives. So if the virus enters in the hardware it is more dangerous as compared to its infection in software because all software runs on hardware and if hardware is infected then the whole system is in danger.

IT director for the computer science department at Columbia University Daisy Nguyen said,” Columbia’s Computer Science Department uses Dell PowerEdge R410, but was not affected by the issue.” Nguyen said Dell offers competent products and the malware issue won’t affect the department’s decision to purchase products from the company.

So at last I will like to request the entire virus producer to use their knowledge for the positive purposes and don’t tease people like this and I will also like to apologize from people who have been affected by this problem. To prevent your computer from malwares and viruses always use better rated anti virus program.