Dell to help schools across the globe to make teaching-learning process more easy and fluid

One of the leading PC manufactures, Dell has come up with several innovations in their ‘Connected Classroom’ learning environment, thus moving one step ahead into the next generation education system. Last year, Dell came up with a new concept of bringing about a change in the education system in this digital and high-tech age. Students and teachers should be given a synchronized environment wherein learning becomes more easy and parallel with the demands of today’s age and technology. The response from schools all over the world was appreciable and several schools adapted to the new version of classrooms proposed by Dell.

This year, Dell has brought some advancements in its spectrum of products to help Connected Classroom be more connected and help teachers express themselves in a better way to the students and help students to grasp more and inculcate as much education as they can. Let us look at the advancements introduced by Dell.

1. Dell Latitude 2110
It is a laptop in the Latitude series which is built specially keeping ‘Connected Classroom’ in mind. All its features including the price tag matches the requirements. There are several great features installed in it. Let’s have a look at its major features and configurations:
• An atom N470 processor, 1GB memory, storage options ranging from 64GB to 256GB.
• Wired and wireless connectivity options that include Bluetooth 2.0, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, Ethernet, HDMI, and 3G.
• Six cell battery which lasts up to 10 hours and 13 minutes and improved screen resolution (1366×768) with Truelife HD display.
• Anti-microbial keyboard, ‘temper-resistant’ design to avoid loss of key caps.
• Optional facility to turn screens and turn it into a tablet type PC which makes it easier to use for reading and similar purposes.
• Available in red, black and blue at a price of $389.

It definitely looks like a gadget made keeping kids in mind. Isn’t it?

2. Mobile computing station
This device stores, maintains and transports several notebooks at a time. It has features like:
• It can charge and deliver 24 notebooks at a time.
• It provides a Wake-on-LAN convenient mode through which teachers can easily update the network and thus manage it easily.
• It possesses strong and sturdy double locks which keep the devices safe and sound.
• Proper ventilation systems using air vents and cooling fans installed properly to maintain the temperature and control heat.

3. Dell S300wi Interactive, Short Throw Projector
This is an amazing projector system which uses technology which is way ahead then other projectors. Its features include:

• 3D capable DLP technology
• An interactive pen can make a virtual surface on the projected screen
• It allows using any compatible software platform and toolbar.
• It also provides e-instruction interwire workspace along with it for free.

It gives a much better experience in comparison to the other 2D projectors.

4. Dell multi-functional printers
These printers can do a lot of work than one can imagine. Specially build for the schools take a look what can they do in schools:

• Frames efficient workflows from manual paper-based processes.
• Instant grading and reporting can be done with an additional software installation.
• Provides print-on-demand bubble sheet tests anytime when required.

Presently 3 models of these smart printers are available namely 3333dn, 3335dn, and 5535dn. Certainly running these printers instead of simple printers in schools will save a lot of time, energy and resources and still yield much better results compared to old printers.

So, go ahead and get ready for education tomorrow and synchronize yourself and stay connected via ‘Connected Classroom’.