At the CES 2011, Dell unveiled a 10-inch tablet computer with the Windows 7 operating system. Earlier, Dell had introduced Android-based touch screen slates. Dell showed what the next generation Windows-based tablets would look like. The Dell tablet on Windows 7 will be run on the next-generation processor from Intel which are the Atom processors. Besides Dell, LG and Samsung are also due to shortly announce their Windows based products, with features par excellence.

The new Dell 10-inch tablet looks like their earlier announced Android-based 5 and 7 Streak tablets. The tablet is targeted at business users rather than a general community like the iPad. The general manager of Dell’s business group said that the company would like to follow the netbooks strategy of targeting education, manufacturing, medicine and financial services. He also said that they had taken a decision to go on with Windows. It does not mean that the Android platform will not be used in their range.

The Streak and the now available Android 10 inch device were showcased in the CES show this January. The Streak has received mixed responses. The new tablet fits into the trend of bringing along with use of consumer products like smartphones and tablets in the enterprise and workplace.

Dell is also probably using a new Intel processor, using the system codenamed ‘Oak Trail’ on a chip and is aimed at tablets and thin and light netbooks. Dell also unveiled the redesigned Latitude, Dell Precision T1600 workstation, and Dell Precision M6600 and M4600 mobile workstations. The Latitude supports virtualization from Citirx, VMware, and Microsoft, and comes with over 100 design improvements. Dell is the third largest PC manufacturer in the world and is recognized worldwide as an innovator in supply chain management as well as electronic commerce.