In the beginning of this month, the town of Smyrna, Tennessee was flooded with over 10 inch of rain in 36 hours. Several roads were closed and numerous houses and businesses places were damaged. Numerous families of Smyrna were adversely affected with the flooding.


The computer giant, Dell, came to the aid and rescue of these flood victims when it generously donated a mobile computer lab. With the help of the computer lab these flood victims of Smyrna could file for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) assistance. This also helped in finding additional relief resources that were available in the community.

The computer lab has 10 computers along with volunteers to assist the flood victims with the computers. These volunteers are available from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday. Previously the computers were at the Red Cross (The Heart of Tennessee Chapter) Respite Center at Highland Heights Church of Christ, located at 785 South Lowry Street in Smyrna, but they have now been moved to the Town Hall located at 315 S. Lowry Street near the Enon Springs Road intersection.

“They’ll be here as long as we see a need,” said Town Manager Mark O’Neal.

What a great gesture by Dell to help support people on the road to normality!


Well, donating a mobile computer lab was just one of the many charitable acts of Dell. Dell is associated with various donation programs and helping the community. Following are some of the various donation programs partnered by Dell:

Printer Donation Program – This program is managed by Gifts in Kind International. Through this program Dell donates revamped printers to the non-profit organizations in need of printers. Dell also assists and helps these organizations; provides job trainings and education to people. It helps physically challenged, financially disadvantaged people to improve their education and increase the exposure to technology. Further details of this program can be found on

Dell Recycling Campaign – Dell has partnered with the National Cristina Foundation (NCF) for this campaign. Through this campaign, Dell encourages people to donate their desktops or laptops so that they can be used by help needy people to lead a productive and independent life. The donated or used computers are provided to schools and non-profit organizations. For further details on this campaign, you can visit

Dell’s Recycling Program with Goodwill International – This campaign encourages people to donate their computers and computer accessories for recycling to decrease environmental pollution and to support the Goodwill’s training programs and community services for disabled, and for people who cannot support their education etc. You can visit the following link for more details on this program

There are many more donation and community service programs supported by Dell. It is great to see big corporate contributing and supporting such noble causes!