Dell has recently disclosed their latest plans by announcing that they will launch new “true netbook” named Athens and convertible netbook tablet named Sparta, which is scheduled to debut in third quarter of 2011.

Tablets are becoming a new trend in digital devices after the launch of iPad by Apple. Companies like Dell understand customer needs and are interested on releasing similar gadgets as the iPad. Moreover as there is a current boom in the market with relation to the tablets, Dell would also like to cash into the hype, and release its on innovation in relation to Apple’s iPad. Dell Athens will feature an ARM processor and is likely to have an 11 inch screen. Athens is expected to have a flexible 1024 x 768 pixel rotating display screen. The Greek named- Sparta Netbook tablet also features 11” TFT display with a 1024 x 768 resolution and an ARM processor. Both the devices are capable of running Linux and Google based Android operating system and are also available with optional connectivity modules (Bluetooth, 3G and Wi-Fi).

Nowadays Dell is showcasing their confidential product roadmap to everyone, as last week we came to know about a new 7 inch tablet called the “Looking Glass”, with an HD display, NVIDIA Tegra Chip and a digital TV tuner.

Similarly, Android Central has also showcased the roadmap for its product release for this year. as they are scheduled to release their ARM processor based Netbook tablet. Dell also revealed that they will launch Mini 5 (Streak) in May and the Android based Smartphone named Thunder in November or December.

In its roadmap Dell has mentioned that the Streak tablets will be able to work on Vodafone and T Mobile networks.

These are just some of the highlight that Dell has given, to counter the iPad head on. For the time being, let us see what are the other surprises that Dell may be “secretly” innovating about its products?