Often there comes an occasion where the applications developers would like to create a user-defined platform for applications rather than wait for the version release of applications  from consumer electronics company. In yesterday’s annual event, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced a newer version of Apple iOS 4.1, which gives hands on experience to developers to develop user-friendly Apps.

This announcement comes as a good surprise as many skeptics were not expecting any iOS rollouts. The release of the iOS 4.1 was coupled with bug fixes that many developers have complained about. Some of the bug fixes include:

  • iPhone 4 Proximity Sensor Issues: The proximity sensor is used to conserve the battery life of the iPhone 4 by sensing the distance of the screen from an object e.g. placing the iPhone 4 automatically shuts the screen. With the release of iPhone 4 recently a lot of bugs were found with the proximity sensor which leads to major issues.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Software glitches were notices in the Bluetooth connectivity with other appliances such as stereo headsets. Developers were looking forward to a patch to fix these issues.
  • Software performance issues: iPhone 4 users also noticed that slow performance of applications. This was largely due to bugs found in its processing software.

New Features

New features of the iOS 4.1 include:

  • Game Center
  • HDR photographs
  • High-definition video uploads to YouTube over WiFi
  • Television show rentals.